Thursday, March 8, 2012

A new pet for the mousehouse

Recently I saw a heart-tugging little fellow by Bridget McCarthy....The lovely trellis was made by Sue Thwaite ( Lady Bug) ( this pic was taken by Bridget)

he looked so sad and lonely that I decided to rehome him!!

He arrived VERY fast, thank you Bridget !! and today he was ready to move  to his own home, which is next to my critter house

Emm, STILL a bit lonely, I thought, so the neighbours' kid, a guinea pig has gone out to keep him company. Although I don't quite know as yet whether this is going to work...little Hedgehog is hardly bigger than a kitty kibble and Tiffany might try whether he is  tasty. And whatever she decides about that, he will be gone :-(

Later, one of the meecekids came to check out the newcomer, as well....


  1. How adorable! I love it! :-) Jennifer

  2. You should have worked in a zoo or became a pet shop owner with your love for critters!!!!!! ;-)

    He is really a sweet little one, I thought Guinea pigs were vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guinea pigs are vegetarians, so I suppose little hedgehog is happy to have found a new friend :-)

  4. Elly, your little hedgehog is just wonderful! I see why you fell in love with him. Another charming critter for your mousehouse!

  5. Thank you Pat and Bridget !
    Bridget, I am glad you like his new home. I enjoy it very much, it is a very fun project

  6. Elly, the little hedgehog is perfect for this house, he is adorable! And I reckon that he has not only found a good friend in the guinea pig, but a protector too - after all, not all critters are vegetarian and it is good to have a big friend to look after him :) Hugs, Sandie

  7. It is so cuuuuuuuute. I love the mouse and her new house.
    Hugs from Craftland