Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitty post again

In case you are wondering..

Floris is still alive, against all odds. If I am honest, I did not expect him to tough it out this long. Still, he seems to be comfortable, he sleeps a lot, though ,and is quiet. But he is still purring, drinking from the faucet, stealing my milk and eating regularly and he loves to be cuddled- gently.

The other two, guy and gal, are fortunately still in robust health, I am happy to report.
 Fluffy ( usually called "little baby by me) on the sofa.....( he is shy, cuddly and very naughty, I am afraid, usually planning some kitty-naughtiness and teasing Jojo out of her wits)

And Jojo, laying on my needlework shop, from where she has a commanding view both on the street and inside....Also, she feels reasonably safe from the little b/w brat here.


  1. Hello to you Elly! Your Kitties are beautiful. Our very much loved ginger cat passed away last year, he was 17 years old & I still miss his wonderful ginger stripes... I really hope Floris continues with good health for a good while longer! Sending best wishes to you & your kitties from the UK! :) x

  2. Thanks for the update on Floris, Elly. He is such a lovely moggie - please give him a (gentle) cuddle from me. I am glad you get to enjoy each other's company for a while longer.
    Hugs, Sandra