Sunday, June 5, 2011

mouse house bedding and a little new friend

Friday and today I made some bedding for the mousehouse. Bedding is one of the things I usually avoid as much as possible. I can do it, but it is so booooring...
And somehow I thought I could have a shortcut and just glue the textiles. Bwahaaa! I should have known better!!!! I am OK with textiles, but only with a needle in my hand, Glue goes everywhere, especially on my fingers- which get grubby big time-, but the stuff does not stick textiles. So by the end of several frustrating hours I just started afresh, took out the silk threads I use for mini-sewing ( YLI 100 in case you wonder) and sewed the whole caboodle together. Much easier and more effective.
Well, this morning I finished the beds for the time being, that is ( they will get some little quilts, but it is still summer, so they don't need much quilting, as yet).

In the attic, a little stranger has moved in , my baby werewolf with his voodoodoll. I think he is dying to play with the little meece, and his mother has assured me that if you get babywerewolves young enough, they can be house-trained , so he may yet move in into the bedroom. He is looking so sad and lonly right now....

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  1. Oh yes, needle and thread works much better for me too ( I do suffer from occasional finger punctures and accompanying red spots, but at least no glued together fingers);-)Shame, the poor little werewolf, just make sure you hide the moon or are you going to teach him to be a vegetarian??????????