Sunday, January 23, 2011


Trouble big time!

In two days ( Wednesday) we are due at the Veterinary Faculty again for Floris's check-up. I had felt the irradiated spot on a regular basis, but left it after last December , some 6 weeks ago. I thought we were getting away with it and was ready to de-cork some kitty bubbly to celebrate.
Too early, it appears- last week I palpated again and suddenly felt a little pea-sized tumor in his neck. Floris will have a CT scan, anyway, but I have immediately sent out an alarm- mail to the vet; however much we are scanning, the pea is there and feels very suspect. I am not a happy camper right now. Fortunately the patient has no problems ( as yet).Sigh. Hard days coming again for this little sweet guy, I am afraid.
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  1. Oh NO!!! I hope it will turn out to be nothing. He looks like such a happy and healthy little guy, it's just so unfair! Makes me want to cry. :(((

  2. I am sorry Elly, I hope its nothing serious this time, will be thinking of you two, take care.

  3. Oh dear! I am praying that it is nothing serious and that it can be cleared up with no drama. I can imagine the distress you are feeling right at this time. He is such a gorgeous moggy. Please give him a big cuddle from me.
    Sandra (Snippets)