Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitty day again

Today I went again to the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht with Floris , for a check-up. I noticed a small nodule in his skin( about 2 mms, I think). Since we do not like hard knots in kitties who have already had a sarcoma, it has to be taken out, so next week Thursday I will return there and let him be operated upon ( it is a small operation , of course). Fortunately, the lungs are clear, so there is still a chance that it is not a metastasis. Keeping our fingers crossed, though :-(

I made some other pics of the waiting room. One of the corridor; on the left is the door to the operation theatre. One other pics is of the reception area- the lady with the dog is unknown to me, but the thing next to her, where the dog is sitting , is a weighing - scale. The receptionist can see what the animal weighs on her side of the counter.

The basket shows Floris's backside- the poor thing dives with his nose underneath the jumper I always put into his basket ( "I am not here !") .


  1. My cat Micia was operated tree weeks ago for the same problem: a sarcoma, without metastasis. I hope we will be lucky, and we will able to live a lot of time with our cats. Good luck to Floris, too.

    Eleonora - Italy

  2. Good luck at the vets tomorrow with Floris.

  3. Thank you Eleonora and Chelle!

    Eleonora , the best of luck with Micia; we do love our furkids to bits, don't we, and want to keep them with us as long and as healthy as possible.