Friday, November 13, 2015

Dutch fair ( Ulft) autumn 2015

Last wekend I visited the Dutch fair , held in Ulft nowadays ( about the end of the world and a bit over ). Did mostly buy things that aren't worth photographing - a nice maglamp with a ring of LED lights, big lens , some kits , some woodstrips), but also this Fern Vasi doll -no website, sorry-(halfscale ) :

She looks very much at home in her now kitchen , methinks :-) ( I may yet relocate her to my other 1/24 scale house, though, exchange of inhabitants and some furniture). And look at that mouse- was insluded ....

I also bought a half-asleep kitty from Shirley Scheibehenne ( I have been a long- time admirer of her work ) . All her work is hand sewn and this critter is just about 1 1/2 cms  I think . She is a lovely lady, btw

                                               and here they are all together in the kitchen !!


  1. Which house is that kitchen in Elly? Great doll, love the expression on her face. That mouse looks as though it has a limited life expectation ;)

    1. That is PP Cobweb Cottage, Sandra . Yes, you are right on the mouse....