Sunday, October 18, 2015

And now some more dolls and things !

Elga also brought me this wonderful doll by Debbie Dixon-Paver I had snapped off Etsy  earlier this year. we thoght it might be safer for postng. Dolly traveled all the way to Scandinavia, took some minicourses/workshops and then landed in the Netherlands- well, here she is, home at last :

                                                                  Sweet , isn't she ???

                                                 And now some lesssweet dolls !!!

As you may know, I also like bad tempered / crabby dolls. I saw this bawler on etsy while browsing; immediately grabbed her by the scruff -----

She was made by Alicia Volta ( Aligradolls)

Intrigued by her art, I asked her whether she would consider making two fighting little boys for me. At first she thought she would not have time right now, commissions and two fairs coming up to the boot - but she liked the idea so much that the boys went off and took over !

So here they are ( they made their way fighting all the way from Portugal....). I am afraid they are in for  a big whack when they will arrive home.

They are going to be in a yet to be built outdoor scene, on a green , where children are playing-or not.

On a sweeter note : I also received flowers from Pim Sukkerd ( beetree miniatures , watch out for her at the Miniature Online show!) that I bought from her a the on line show -also  some other things, but they are hard to photograph, sorry .



  1. Hi Elly! What a chuckle your fighting boys are AND your squalling girl.
    She reminds me of a childhood poem about "Georgie Porgie, puddin and pie, who kissed the girls and made them cry...! "
    Your decorous young lady in the parlor is however, not only beautifully coiffed and dressed, but she also looks very well behaved. :))


    1. Hi Elizabeth ! Yes, I love all of them to bits. The boys and the bawling gel are a real hoot , aren't they ? It is next to impossible to find cranky dolls or plain naughty ones, one really has to chase after them .