Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sorry guys & gals

I had a lot of anonymous spam on my blog. Tried to weed it out by changing the settings, but I obviously did make the wrong choice, so that only I could comment ! That was not what I meant, at all.

I removed that nasty setting, but am reverting now to the "word" barrier, sorry for that. And very sorry for the inconvenience caused by my mistake .

Thank you for checking out my blog, though :-)



  1. Hi Elly! I know just what you have been going through. I had the "Brainstorm" to add Google+ to my comments to try and stop the spam from torturing me and effectively blocked a great number of my readers from being able to leave a comment. Trying to undo it proved to be harder than installing it in the first place. I think that everyone will understand the word screening that you are using.
    But whatever you do Just don't add Google +, which is worse than gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe!


  2. Hi Elly,

    I've got the same problem. I think that they search for certain words in a post and then bombard you with anonymous rubbish. I made the mistake of using the word 'firing' pottery, but the spam I got was all related to being fired from jobs and anything vaguely related to it. Very unpleasant, but unfortunately you can't block anonymous comments, the word or number option is the only solution.

    Love your blog and considering the alternative, entering a word to prevent all that spam, is a small price to pay for telling you how inspiring your posts are!