Friday, February 20, 2015

Cobweb , getting there !!!

Cobweb is a Tudor cottage. I read up the book by Brian Long and had a good hard look at the beams inside, as ( although I have never seen a RL Tudor cottage in my life) I was absolutely sure there should be beams in it! If I would have had to follow the pattern outside I would have given up immediately, but fortunately I got away with some  more simple constrictuction on the inside.

So off I headed for a railay model shop, where they sell those nice balsa slats and then - me having off some days and happily mini-ing away- there I went, full steam ahead, cutting ans staining and sticking little beams until I nearly DREAMT beams.

Here we are now:

Of course, I had to take everything out to do this, now it is back again, lighting installed, as well ( and by golly, it works ! ):

I also bought some little canisters and a canister of pickles, both from ebay, made by Sam Dunlap (?)

                                    ( the little bowl of eggs was also added , so sweet !)


  1. Hello Elly,
    It looks fantastic and very authentic. Good work.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac ! I think it looks better now, myself. The walls inside are lighter than the outside ones, but I want a houseproud lady living there, who will let the inside walls chalked each year or so. :-) .
      She may even sport some outside plants? Thinking about that.


  2. Elly it certainly gives Cobweb so much more interest and authenticity to have those beams installed on the inside. The furniture and accessories are great too and this house is really coming alive now, full of character as are all of your houses. Great work.

    1. Thank you Sandra ! I fully plan to do some more work on both Cobweb and Crossthwaite, my other 1/24 house. They are both very nice. I also want to make some dolls for both of them :-)