Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some more from my splashing party

Here goes:

I did serious damage both to my account and Elizabeth Bettler's stand (sorry , she has no website , but you can see 1/12 samples of her pottery here ) .

                                       This is all 1/24 or halfscale :

                                             Teapot, cups and a milk jug

                                           pots of jams, washing jugs

                                              adorable salt box to be mounted

                                             plates, saucepans, pieform

                                                    small vases,jugs

                                                   kitchen stuff together

                                                    Some fiery 1/24 kitties :

                                                              and two ditto dogs :

                             (And, of course , a very happy 1/12 kitty, could not resist that face!)

                                         The little critters sewn by Shirley Scheibehenne :

                                          sleepy baby hare

                                           VERY sleepy ducky, flat bellied!


                                                 Little hedgehog


  1. Elly I can see why you fell in love with that gorgeous 1/12th scale kitty! And the two halfscale ones tussling are adorable too, as is the hedgehog etc. It is so nice to see the goodies you bought.

    1. Well, I think pests like meeces and rats (and by extension, cats and a dog) would be living in such a cottage. And the add fun to the interior, too .

  2. You just had to buy everyone of these. The pottery is really realistic to be so tiny. The animals are just plain cute!

    1. Elizabet's pottery is unbelievable! Although I can see it with the naked eye, you can believe me it is very hard to get decent pics. And animals of all kinds really belong there, even the funny ones like that crashed out duckie :-)

  3. Gorgeous! I have never heard of her pottery - what a find!
    And that sleepy hare is just SO adorable !

    1. It is ,isn't it? And yes, I love the pottery , absolutely have no idea how she is able to do it ....!

  4. Hi Elly! I love seeing all of the Marvelous minis that you came home from the Fair with. You have wonderful taste in what you choose and I always enjoy sharing in your FUN! :))


    1. Hi Elizabeth,good to see you again, too. Thank you and yes, I am now definitely getting back into it :-)