Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Apeldoorn show

Last Sunday I visited the Apeldoorn show ( used to be located in Arnhem) and I did a lot of shopping !!! If you want to see everything , you can access my Photobucket album here . For a  blog post it will be too long and boring, to the boot, so will keep it to some of the things - randomly selected- :

A wonderful cupboard by Chris Malcolmson:

A little side table by Gradus Ulfman

                                                              Teaset by Stokesayware

                                             Glassware and porcelain basket by Mika Matsuda ( Japan), no website,alas,but you can see- hopefully- more of her work here .

                                                                    glassware by Gerd Felka

                            Some things for my Four candles shop :-). mostly by Miniarche and Ria Odijk
                                                          ( sorry, Ria has no website)

                                       and many wonderful thingies by Georgia Marfels 

                                                         like  hungry rats on strike

                                                          mammamouse and babies

hungry plants

                                                                       little wizards

                                                       and some clay, glue , etc...
                                                          all in all a great show !!


  1. Wow...wat een prachtige meubelstukken en glaswerk. Dat servies ben ik helemaal verliefd op... Wat een prachtige miniaturen heb je gekocht. Kunstwerkjes op zich. Veel plezier ermee.

    Groeten Xandra

    1. Thank you Xandra, you always leave such lovely comments...

  2. Wonderful loot, Elly, I love those glass vases especially.

  3. Fabulous finds Elly! I spotted the Malcolmson cupboard on his stand as well, but felt I should leave it for you ;-) The Stokesay ware is so beautiful, I bought some with the same pattern last year. It is so thin and delicate! And of course Gerd Felka's glassware is gorgeous as always. That small round cabinet you have it sitting on is pretty spectacular as well, was that a purchase from a previous year? Who made it?
    Georgia Marfel's miniatures are so much fun, I adore those rats on strike!

    I spent the whole day Saturday at the fair, and as usual didn't have enough time to see it all. Or to be more precise, I saw less than half! I tried to be quick and talked only a few minutes to people, but still managed to miss sooooo much!

    Glad you had fun. I would love to come over some time and have a proper look at all of your gorgeous dollshouses!

    1. You are invited Josje !
      The round little chest was also made by Chris, I bought it from him when he was here the first time and just starting out in the miniature world. Had read about his work and was very curious :-) . It is really lovely.
      I also missed about half of the stands , but was able to do at least a big chunk of my " to visit" list this time by tearing all over the venue the whole day. Needed about the whole week to recover, but it is nothing compared to how my purse felt afterwards :-)

  4. Wonderful purchases. I'm just awed. I love every single item and thank you for sharing the photos.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you too, Drora , would you could come over and get to the fair. Maybe one day ?

  5. Hallo Elly! Wat heb jij prachtige stukken kunnen kopen, inderdaad indrukwekkend! Die ratjes zijn erg leuk evenals de vleesetende planten, andere potjes en diertjes.
    Het is mij ook gelukt om te kunnen gaan, heb lang niet alles kunnen zien, veel indrukken opgedaan, wat leuke dingen en basismaterialen kunnen kopen om nieuwe bloemen te maken. Kortom het was "ernstig" genieten :D!
    Groetjes, Ilona