Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Witches grunged and done

Petra ( who is a  wiz at knitting and crochet ) made two nice shawls for the old ladies. I did warn her that they would not go easy on their new clothes , but Peta did not seem to mind...

here are the shawls as I received them :

The I gave them to the old biddies , and oh dear


I also grunged the clothes and added some bangles from a bracelet I happened to see in a shop when checking out buying some knitwear. The bracelets were horrid, but the bangles contained a five-pointed star, keys (big)  a lock, etc. So some of them were nicked by them , too .

Anyway, here are the gals in close-up

No 3 wiill be finished later on !


  1. I suppose witches have their reputation to maintain, but they look great, the shawls suit them perfectly.

  2. I love their expressions. The shawls fit perfectly...going to Petra's now lol

  3. Haha! What did your friend say when she saw what you did with her perfectly knitted shawls? :-) They fit perfect and your witches look great! I am now looking forward to see the complete scene in the lantern :-)
    Greetings, Sandra

  4. The shawls are fabulous Elly & so are your witches! They have such realistic faces - absolutely amazing! x