Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Edwina

My new housemaid!
She is a bit past "best by"date , and a   lovely kit by Sherri Colvin . I put her (plus a  gent that I don't know yet who he will be ) together day before yesterday and I dressed her yesterday. This evening draped her skirt and apron. She is due to get some towels or so in her hands , as soon as I have got them . Baby wipes seem to work well, so will go out and buy them on Friday and see whether it will work.
I added a belly and a  big bum, as her face was rather fat :-) Gent got some extra sculpey body, too. Arms and legs were padded ( kind of quilt padding , cut into strips).

I gave her stockings and shoes ( even buckles on her shoes) and a crocheted collar.I will have to look whether I can still find some sombre ebony medaillon in my stash , containing locks of her parents'hair or so...

OK here are the shoes :

and here is Edwina herself ! Right now down in the kitchen , but I think I am going to send her to the bathroom , it is quiet there, anyway.


  1. Edwina is fabulous elly - such fine attention to detail!
    Hugs! :) x

  2. Gosh, Elly - I think you're too hard on Edwina! She looks like a lovely lady - not any young spring chicken but quite friendly looking (not boozy!) You've done a fantastic job of dressing her - I love the shoes. Now, why is she going to have to stay in the bathroom??!!

  3. Lovely. Your better at dolls than I am,don't think I'll ever get to grips with dolls.

  4. Thank you Helen, Mary Lynne and Chelle ! Mary Lynne, she has quite good arms and hands and as soon as I can I will give her a batch of towles to carry , as they are in short supply in the bathroom. Besides, she is way off the bottles, as they are far removed from the wine cellar....:-)

  5. Chelle, I am quite sure, that you with your talents could dress dolls, as well. It takes patience though (for which I am not really known, I am afraid), the right materials, lots of space sometimes, as I need to spread myself out for glueing, cutting patterns, a place for drying fray-checked pieces, an ironing-board, etc. So I only tend to do this if I have some days off...!

  6. She is loverly Elly, love the shoes, poor woman, how can you reduce her to only drinking water?! Then again, she is there to work after all, hope she keeps the bathroom in sparkling clean condition.

  7. Edwina has a nice face Elly and she looks a kind and dutiful maid to me. You always dress your dolls so beautifully, whatever their station in life. I have heaps of patterns and containers of fabric but still have to gather the courage to try. I am rather bumble-fingered when it comes to fine fabrics and mistakes just can't be hidden when dressing dolls. I wish I could take lessons from you!