Sunday, April 29, 2012

working table

  A looooong time ago my lovely Canadese friend Cheryl made this working table for me. As you can see, it is designed to have a  bag underneath. Snag : I did not have the bag yet, of course.
The poor thing was sitting in my chest for a long time, but now that I am back in the swing of stitching, I decided to do something about this unsatisfactory state  of  things and last week I stitched the bag.
Clever people would have chosen crewelwork, I think.However, I am anything but, so I went for Petitpoint again, this time with a kind of "bargello"woven background ( with a big thank you to Susan Farnik, whose idea this combination was ,for a project of hers). The designs were nicked from Sue Hawkins's book and from Dolls House Nederland, I needed some small rose designs.

It was kind of nail-biting work whether it would work out or not, but I think it did and let nobody say otherwise, since I am really really proud of it ! There !

                                               And a BIG thank you to Cheryl !!!!


  1. "Clever people" are sometimes boring :-) I cannot imagine how you can stitch so small and the roses pattern looks very beautiful! Happy Sunday! Sandra

  2. This absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful stiching. The table is beautiful.

  3. Very interesting table Elly! At the risk of sounding a bit dumb...what would one use this type of table other words what is it's function? Thank you! Carolyn

  4. And your stitching is beautiful! I'm sorry I didn't mention that earlier!

    1. Thank you,Samira, Drora and Carolyn!
      And nope, it is not a dumb question :-).These tables would be used for needlework, that is what the bag was for, The top drawer could hold whatever the owner wanted it to use for.
      You can read m re about them here :

  5. It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.

  6. Elly, you certainly ARE clever, though you don't like to admit it! And this is just another example of your lovely needlework. It certainly sets the table off beautifully and is so pretty with the bargello background and the roses. Hugs, Sandie