Sunday, April 22, 2012

Firescreen or cushion?

I just finished stitching a Nicola Mascall kit. It was meant to be a firescreen, but it was a bit big , so I decided to downsize it by using 48 hpi gauze instead of 40 hpi, and make a big cushion out of it. It might do very well in a  Victorian parlour.
Still, now that I have finished stitching, I am hesitating . Cushion or firescreen ?? Anybody any idea ??


  1. Beautiful stitching Elly! It would look great as both a cushion or firescreen, but I think I am leaning towards a big comfy cushion. You might just receive something nice in June to put a cushion on :-)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I so envy all of you that can stitch so tiny like this. How long does it take you to stitch something this size? How many hours do you think you have in this? Just amazes me! I think it should be a firescreen. And I say that only because it's so pretty you could set it up straight and move it around to better view it. So so pretty! carolyn

    1. Thank you Carolyn. It isnot so hard, actually, as long as you have enough light and good magnification.
      I needed about a week ( with RL job, of course) , i do not quite keep track of my stitching hours, but I think 30 hours might be a good guess
      It has become a cushion now. I have decided I am going to make a very flowery firescreen later on.

  3. Wat een mooi kussentje, daar heb je inderdaad wel een goede vergrootglas voor nodig.