Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OK, more Tiffany

Although,having taken a week off to do some mini-ing, there is not much to be shown for it, I am showing off my little baby again. She is so delightful that I cannot resist.
I do miss my old analog camera here, though, the digital one is much slower and it makes an annoying sound when I put it on, so that kitty immediately stops whatever she is doing.And she is quick as water, anyway!

Still, I have these shots for you:

(a slight disagreement over the chair)

( good place, near my head , and an excellent view of the room)

(also a good place, excellent view of birdies and very nice and warm to snuggle!)


  1. Aaaah, she is soooo sweeeeet!!!!!!!

  2. Such a beautiful Kitty, not surprised that you are showing her off Elly. I hope she is helping to fill the gap left by your beautiful ginger boy.

  3. She does,Sandie ,it even rather eery that she does like several of the things that Floris liked and which the others don't care about.
    Anyway, Fluffy is LOTS happier now that this little girl is here to play with him.