Friday, August 26, 2011

bread and cheeses for the meece

Last week Linda sent me some lovely little cheeses and breads for the meece. As you can imagine, fruits and vegs are "life size", but things they make themselves, are certainly mouse-size, so had to be small!!

This is Lindas pic, before she sent them off/ As you can see, the mice HAD already been nibbling at them, even before the food got here....

This week I distributed them over the house; some of the kids made off with hot cross buns to the bedroom; the guys playing in the attic nicked some bread and cheese; mousketeer will be spearing either cheese or an apple as soon as he has made up his mind and the little jam thief has also taken some cross buns. What is the world coming to....

This is the breadcar, full of breads !


  1. Well, one thing is sure, they won't go hungry soon........on the other hand, kids are known to have big appetites!!!!!! It all looks very yummy!!!!

  2. Your little meece are so cute, and they're going to love their new snacks!

  3. geweldig!!!
    wat leuk en zo'n leuk tafereel..
    heb van je foto's genoten..
    groet Marja Balvers

  4. What well-fed little meeces they are! Lots of delicious treats to share among them all. Hugs, Sandie