Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kendrew kitchen again

Last week I saw a wonderful site, the one of Jason Getzan. He produced a DVD of "Morningside Cottage" , the Miss Marple house of Sarah Salisbury, one of my favourite miniatures. It had been in existence since  a long time, but as a video, which I could not see( as I live in PAL country). The DVD opens well, actually and is absolutely worth the 20 bucks spent on it.

BUT while I was there, I saw these wonderful copper pans and things and I have a thing with copper, well, in miniature, that is. He also sells very nice miniknives !
Today I hung the rack with its pans into the kitchen of my Kendrew house. It is a bit hard to drive anything into that ceiling, as it is hard wood and a narrow space, so please do not tell me I need to use a nicer hook or something or I will shout !!!

Since I was fighting with ceilings now, I also decided to hang a bird in a cage into the "beautiful kitchen"; that is where the butler has his writing table and the upper staff have their coffee/tea.

I also hopefully hung ( for the thousandth time ) a spice chest that for some reason ALWAYS  follows Newtons apple. Plonk.Sigh. Now I hope it will remain hanging for some time!!!!!


  1. Son de verdad preciosos y en la cocina han quedado geniales. No me extraña que te gustasen porque son muy bonitos y con un sabor a antiguo que le viene muy bien a esa cocina.
    Un beso

  2. ¡Que bonitos! Quedan muy bien en la cocina...¡me encanta! Un beso

  3. Thank you Maru and Maria!I love those kitchens,too!

  4. Elly both kitchens are so beautiful - like you I love copper in miniature (and in RL too but not the polishing in RL vbg). Your kitchens look cosy and inviting and the main one is full of activity - glad though I never have had to work in one, isn't the mini world great?! I especially like the 'beautiful' kitchen where the upper staff can go and socialise.
    Hugs, Sandra