Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two little dolls

(Quarterscale) arrived yesterday. I bought them from Jan Stockwell at Ebay and , of course, I put them into the garden of Flowerpot Cottage. Like DM in CAMP said- there is going to be trouble, baseball next to that window????!!!!


  1. They're really cute, and must be so tiny (that's the quarter scale little cottage right?).
    Bwaahaahaa, even your little human dolls are trouble makers. I love it.

  2. Trust you to have naughty little dolls in Flowerpot Elly, how funny! Now if they get into trouble for breaking a window it will be your fault lolol! Your cottage is looking so pretty - how are you going with making bits for it too? (yes, I can nag!)

  3. Elly - I really enjoyed reading your blog....I am currently working on the Flower Pot. It is an adorable cottage, isn't it? It's pretty much assembled....but I haven't gotten the courage to start the paper clay. Fiona does give good directions in her book, but I think I am going to try to find Rik Pierce's tutorial. Your cottage looks amazing!! I can't wait til mine is complete! Thanks for sharing!