Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OK, more pics of the Kendrew shop !

As promised , here some pics of the Kendrew shop. The downstairs room is basically one, so I can have a go and have a REAL BIG SHOP here. I mean , really....One can plonk some needlework in here, can't one?!
Several parts with false stairs were included, which is really nice....
I am dreaming of a genteel needlework-shop ( "fancy work") right here...:-)
Oh , and if you MUST know : it is about 84 cms wide, 48 deep, 80 high.(=33 x 19 x 31.5 "  for you lazy gals...) And heavy , I mean heavy.


  1. What a lovely property ♥ The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it xx

  2. Ah!!!! And here I thought it might just fit in my suitcase!!!!!! ;-) Seriously though, it is wonderful, it sure has lots of potential!!!! Enjoy dreaming about what you are going to do with it, I like the planning part of something new!!!!!

  3. Ik ga zo even googlen op Kendrew om er wat meer over te lezen maar het heeft de uitstraling van een antiek huis, heel mooi Elly maar zeker ook groot! Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je er van gaat maken.

  4. Wat een prachtig huis, het houtwerk aan de buitenkant vindt ik schitterend!

  5. It's BIG and Beautiful. FUN FUN FUN!!! I think an embroidery shop would be perfect. You could fill it up with all kinds of your little embroidered masterpieces.