Friday, April 15, 2011

OK, some mini today MOUSKETEER!

Today the little mouse that my friend Kristy called the  "mousketeer" got into his new home. That rapier was begging for some  action, so I have put him in front of one of Mags's apples with clear intent of stealing!
Isn't he adorable ?

Floris, though , has me worried. He is keeping underneath my bed most of the time and has hardly eaten. I do hope it is just the after-effect of the operation and the anaesthesia, otherwise it is getting bad by now. I will just have to wait and see, though. Poor little brave guy.


  1. I wondered if this was where I was going to see him next, mmm, you don't think you are "catching" a mouse addiction maybe ;-)

    Sorry to hear about Floris, hope it is only the anaesthesia and that you will have better news tomorrow.

  2. Yes, a dashing young mouseketeer indeed! Hope that enormous apple doesn't fight back and squash him vbg.
    As for Floris, he is such a brave kitty and a real fighter. I really hope he feels lots better very soon. Please give him a gentle cuddle from me and keep us posted on his progress.
    Hugs, Sandra