Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I still love receiving mail...





Especially when it contains nice minikitties!
Yesterday I retrieved the kitty with catflap and the sleeping tabby from here.
Last week I received Bridget McCarthy's two kitties in a tub , they are also irresistable :-)

A good day for the cat-lady,I suppose...

If you look very closely at the pic taken of the outside of the cat lady's residence(where you see the kitty butt going in) you can see that I planted a little mouse in the window in front , which entertains the kitties on the windowsill no end. I nearly hear them quacking, the way my cats do when they see a prey they cannot hope to catch:-)


  1. Aaaaa!!! The cat in the door! I love it:))))) i must think about a cat in my dollhouse.

  2. Believe me : a dolls house without a cat is not a home...all mine have cats!! :-)

  3. ROFL! I love the cat in the door half in and half out - that is SO YOU, Elly! A cat lady can NEVER have too many cats, that's for sure. Those two in the bucket are adorable!

  4. Eeeei, I love that little brown and black one too!!!!!