Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good evening...

Lots of things to do , mostly RL, I am afraid.

I did buy an Edwardiand gent from Ebay recently :

Very nice and with just a bit of help he can stand on his own two feets :-)

I also dressed a housekeeper. No done very well, I know, but the poor gal will have to do with this right now. Will re-do her later. The doll is excellent was made by Sherri Colvin , she sells wonderful character kits.

And  best of all: today Frances Peterson ( view also last post) and her DH visited me this afternoon. It was great ! I should really make a wall of fame and collect sigs of miniaturists who have come and visited me :-)

Anyway , here are some photos:


                                                  Frances and Walter

                                                            Frances and I

                                                 Beautiful REAL Peterson Pillow :

PS Frances also happily photographed my other rug , wonder whether that will show up as a mini, too !!


  1. Congratulations on you new dolls! They look very happy in their new home.

    Lucky you to have a celebrity petit point artist come to visit. :-)

  2. Thank you Catherine, yep, should really have that wall! :-)

  3. Wat leuk dat Frances en Walter bij je op bezoek zijn geweest. Zal vast heel gezellig zijn geweest. Prachtige aanwinsten heb je weer aan deze popjes!

    Groetjes Helma

  4. Hi Elly,
    The doll looks nice and dressing them is a lot of work depends on style/fashion ofcourse! How nice to have some other miniaturists for a visit so much fun!

    1. Sorry not replying sooner, Jeffrey :( , should have. Yes, it was very nice to meet Frances and Walter . She is really an out of the world designer.

  5. What a lovely experience to meet other Petitpointers. Frances was always so sweet when I talked to her by email when buying her Victorian rug pattern, and she looks just as nice in real life.

    The housekeeper looks very stern doesn't she? And the Edwardian dandy is so smartly dressed, where will he go?

    1. It was really nice, Sandy. Frances is a very nice gel indeed :-) .

      I should re-dress the housekeeper , am not happy ,her clothes do not really fit :(