Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bad picture...Update!

But finally an update on the Accursed Aubusson!

Here is where I left off in November :

And I picked it up last month again, after having discovered I could actually use my shoulder :-). Since ironing is not exactly what I do want to do right now ( bit hard as yet), however, I scanned the thing.

I had hoped to get on a bit more , but RL kitchen remodelling ( taking place right NOW)  plus, of course , hours of daily exercise for shoulder plus physio plus keeping up with RL routine chores does take more time and energy than I had reckoned with. We will be allright, though, and I am finally hoping to get there - once , in a dim and distant future !


  1. Great progress Elly! You've done more mini needlework in a month than I have all year lol shame on me! The Aubusson is looking fantastic.

    1. Thank you Ali! I had , of course, a stitch-dip and am trying to get really back into it, not quite there yet, though. But I do hope it will come now.

  2. Hello Elly,
    The rug is already looking lovely. take care of your arm and good luck with the renos.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac, you must be one of the most encouraging guys on the web! Will check your blog soon, to view your miraculous building activities :-)

  3. Wat goed , Elly om dit te zien. Ziet er heel mooi uit...een prachtig patroon van Nicola.
    Groetjes Helma

  4. heel mooi patroon en wat ben je al goed opgeschoten!
    wat een ellende, je arm, wat duurt het lang he, maar nog even doorzetten en dan heb je het achter de rug; wat zul je dan blij zijn!

  5. Elly I'm always surprised at how productive you are even with your damaged shoulder. I'm not sure I could put all that time into a lovely carpet like this for someone else and I know that the price you'll get will in no way go close to the work you put into it.
    I've been neglecting blogs this year (my own and other people's) and it has been great to catch up with yours. It must be such a relief to be well on the road back to normality again after such a difficult year.