Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wot, me crazy cat lady?????

Recently I saw this trio on ebay and I could not resist....

they were made by this gal .They  have fun animals!! ( and also other items, if you are accidentally looking for a  miniature oldtimer car?)

I think I am going to rehome them with my dear old cat lady , but not sure yet. Oh , did I hear someone say that I am the crazy cat lady??? Errr, well, it is possible..:-)

And finally, thank you all for your wishes for a  happy new year and the same to you all !!!!


  1. Wat een leukerds, Elly . Zo fijn en mooi gemaakt!

    Groetjes Helma

  2. Meow!!!

    They are just too cute :-)

  3. Hello Elly,
    Great purchase! They are just beautiful.
    big hug,

  4. Hi Elly! These three are Purrrr- fect! :D


  5. I agree with you all, they look so funny... :-) !

  6. Hi Elle, I love you site!~ I am plan nib\ng a trip to Amsterdam this spring to see the city and visit the Apeldorrn Miniature Show. Any information you might share with me about minis in Holland would be great!~ Lenor Johnson R-Stuff Miniatures

  7. From one crazy cat lady to another I can see why you couldn't resist these playful kitties! They remind me so much of my Max and his brother (who lives next door but treats our house as his own).