Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing with my new toys

Today I placed the new items into my big Kendrew house :

                                                   A new kitchen sink for tweeny

 The new bathtub ( mine was 20 years old and the guy who sat in Scenic water all the time, was sitting in some unmentionabe gooey globby substance, so peeled him out and cleaned him, as I did the bathdoll

and the sink for the bathroom.

                                                               Looks much better now !

While I was at it, I also washed the babycape and draped it round the baby who is on Nanny's lap, both of them sound asleep. You may have seen that the cape was not really sitting well on the doll in the last picture, I think it is better now . Must re-dress Nanny , though ; her cotton frock, that used to be light bkue gingham, is now very light grey gingham, a color I do not care for.

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  1. Que fantastico trabajo, te ha quedado de maravilla.
    besitos ascension