Friday, January 13, 2012

OK, ready, finished, finito, ready to go...

Thsi morning I finished the Big Bugger. I mean, finishing the stitching is one thing, finishing a  carpet is quite a  different animal altogether. Last week I had to whipstitch all around the edges and this morning I ironed on vilene on the wrong side. That was something that had to be done quite carefully, too.

Then I laid it out in my Kendrew House, in the music room, just to see how it looked.
And before you ask: no, I won't mind seeing it go ! I have seen quite enough of it to last a lifetime :-) And I know my client will be very happy with it (and it will bring a nice couple of bucks for pet rescue).


  1. Una escena fantastica, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  2. It looks great Elly, well done on finishing this huge project, I am sure your client is going to be very happy!!!! And the Kitties!!!!

  3. It looks fantastic! What a wonderful thing you have done for animal rescue! :-) Jennifer

  4. Beautiful job, Elly!!!
    Lucky customer for sure


  5. Thank you all, also those who commented the last time. I am really pleased it is finished and I do agree it looks great, but I don't regret seeing it go....:-)