Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At work again so....


Flowerpot cottage will have to await its turn till I have a Sunday off, and time to mini on that day, too( I prefer daylight and some hours of concentrated working when doing such projects). So , after work in the evening I am stitching away on the Big Boria(remember, a quarter of a million stitches???).
I made reasonably good progress, although it is discouraging to see that 80-100 hours of stitching hardly make a dent in the stitching; it drags on.I am going to need a lot of pats on the back before this is over.I think my friend Lisa's may be one of the few of these in existence(although I do know that Caz and Joan W. from the UK are also working on this one)
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And, of course, there is also housework to do,one has to shop,wash,iron(sometimes),get some shoes, cook food etc....


  1. Well Elly I can see progress - what a stunner this carpet is! You are doing your usual wonderful work and I look forward to the progress photo on the 10th. How is a journey completed? One step at a time. How is a carpet completed? One stitch at a time - so, in, out, in, out - thattagirl! lol. This might just be your magnum opus!
    Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)

  2. Si, definitivamente es una obra de arte. Cuando la termines llegará a ser una de las maravillas del mundo ¿Vale esta palmadita? :))
    No te rindas. Vale la pena terminar esta maravillosa locura.
    Besos Clara