Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A nervous wreck

I need a big bottle of Valium, pronto.Today I finished two purses , of which the clasps were made by Jens Torp.Just did it as a friend , because he asked me to. I can only hope the master approves. It was rather hard going this time, as I did not have a template. The stitching is easy , but putting them together- oh dear!
The design is by Nicola Mascall, btw, who kindly gave me permission to use the chart.



  1. Elly, what on earth are you so nervous about?? That your friend will be disappointed with them?? NO WAY!! They are absolutely gorgeous little purses!! Wonderful job!

  2. Beautiful! You have absolutely NOTHING to fear!

  3. Elly, those are gorgeous! Rest assured they don't show the stress you went through to stitch them, no one will ever know. They're perfectly in scale and really beautiful. Kudos!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments, here and elsewhere...I need a bit of ego-boostingg after all that adrenalin.
    Master likes the photo's, anyway; he just mailed me to say so.

  5. Just beautiful! And you know what? They'd make a great pair of earrings too! :) You certainly fretted yourself over nothing, Elly - anyone seeing these would think they are lovely.

    Mary Lynne

  6. Genial. Un buen trabajo.
    Besos Clara

  7. Elly, your work is always gorgeous and you assemble things so beautifully - you have nothing to fear! Your work does full justice to those stunning purse clips. Well done! Chocs and champers time for sure.
    Hugs, Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

  8. Wow they are gorgeous, fabulous work. Are the clips like chatelaine clips, love those. I have an antique silver one that I have had for sale on etsy for ages. It is expensive but I paid a lot for it. Prefer to keep it but bought it to re-sell! Just found your blog and will investigate more:)

  9. Thank you Mary Lynne, Sandra, Clara and Margaret!
    Yes margaret, the clip is from the chatelaine family :-) Jens makes such beautiful silver. The chatelaine is on my must-have list, I am afraid....
    And noooooo Mary Lynne, I am not hanging them frommy earloes, thanks a bunch!