Sunday, May 17, 2009

OK , here we are :
me ( that is the pic on the sie )

Three cats :Jojo, that is the fat red lady.
She was a stray who lived around the hospital where I work. She led quite a happy and ful- filling life there, being fed by techno-guys; getting fatter and fatter .
Nobody responded to all ads they sent out about her straying around.

When winter came , it was decided that she should really go and live in a real home, however, as she was obviously not a feral cat. So she came to live with me.

Fluffy ( or Pluis in Dutch ) is my shy black and white little brat.
His mother was turned out on the street when she became pregnant. Fortunately she was adopted by a very sweet man , who adopted strays , and searched homes for the whole litter. he kept mom , as he loved her so much.

The beautiful red one , lazily lying on the sofa, is Floris.
He came to me as a kitty teenager of 14 weeks, as his previous mom appreared really allergic to his fur. She has visited him several timnes to see how he is doing and we are all very happy with the arrangement.

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